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New Webpage yet again

After 4 years of the old site, and no development done at all to the photo Gallery I was using, it was time to move on. I've opted to deploy a complete, out of the box, CMS system for the latest revision of my website. This should allow me to do the odd blog type entry and update the site as updates are released via the software provider. 

Heatpump Sensor Data

Heatpump Sensor Data</a> is now being logged and graphed via a local webserve at home.



New Webserver

After my webserver living in my parent's basement for the past 8 or so years I've finally moved it; hopefully uptime will be better as a better, more reliable, result.

Weather Station - Pi

Weather Station is now pushing data via a Raspberry Pi and should hopefully be more reliable.


Weather Underground live feed

Satallite Website

I have setup a satallite website for various projects around the house.

New Weather Station

As my old weather station died I picked up a new (better) one; data is uploading again. 


After 9 years Kaila and I are finally married!


In August Kaila and I finally married in a field near our house. The weather cooperated, our plans all copperated, the animals cooperated, even my brother cooperated (mostly). All in all we couldn't have imagined a better day. Thank-you so much to everyone involved!

Weather Station

Local Weather - I recieved a weather station for Christmas which uploads its data to Weather Undergound.

Power Outages

claimed the life of my first dedicated server